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Prolife course coming January 2020!

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Wondering how you can vet the adoption agencies you refer patients to? It's important that you make sure the adoption professionals are following ethical practices with the expectant parents at the heart of the adoption journey. The professionals you refer to are important pieces in building the relationship with the women you serve. Tying your name to someone YOU know will take care of those you send their way is vital! Here are some questions to ask as you determine which agencies are ones you will refer women to! 

Testimonials From Other Pro-life Leaders

Becca - Former Pregnancy director and adoptive mother

"I remember the sheer pangs of fear, nervousness and feeling unequipped to present adoption to my clients as a former pregnancy director. I stumbled for words on how to present this life giving option that also comes with grief, heartache and loss. How do you do this in a manner that gives power and choice back to the couple facing an unplanned pregnancy who are in crisis mode? Woven Together equips you to do just this. This education is vital to those who are on the front lines of the pro life movement to present adoption in a compassionate, ethical and non-coercive manner. This education course is designed by two members of the triad with incredible perspectives from others in the adoption/ pro life community. This is a game changer and a must for pregnancy centers and adoption agencies!"