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Adoption ethics start with adoptive parents.

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Much like the name Woven Together, we envision the adoption community to become separate threads that are stronger together. We want to see a community where all voices of the adoption triad are lifted up. We want to see adoption become better for the entire triad! When adoption is done better, family units are better. We believe this is done by hopeful adoptive parents setting themselves up for ethical adoption experiences as soon as possible. How you receive this information will trickle down in the way that you love on the expectant parent, the birth parent after placement, and the adoptee in your life. 

“I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself”

- Colossians 2:2

Our guests

The Woven Together course has many guests from all sides of the adoption triad sharing their stories with you! We have adoptees, birth parents, social workers, therapists, birth siblings and more! 

Leah and Mallory know their voices are just two perspectives, so it was vital to have many other voices with a variety of experiences.

Woven Together Packages

Each package includes lifetime access to our Woven Together online course so you can watch and re-watch various topics throughout your adoption journey. You will receive a professionally designed workbook to assist you and your spouse in talking through the hard "heart check" questions. The workbook is also a tangible item for you to write your intimate thoughts in and look back on. Our package will also include a weekly "hangout" call with both Leah and Mallory that you can join to ask questions, no matter where you are in your adoption journey (pssst... you can even join every week if you'd like!).

Woven Together Course Topics

  • Tackling Grief Before You Adopt

  • Adoption Ethics

  • The Heart Of An Expectant Parent

  • Creating Your Profile Book

  • But What If... ?

  • Special Needs Adoption

  • Adoption Is About The Child

  • Adoptee Voices 

  • The Hospital Experience

  • Navigating Your New Normal

  • Starting Your Life Long Relationship

  • And more!

Cost of the course package $135

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  • Creating Your Adoption Profile Book

  • Adoption Is About The Child


"This. Is. Amazing!!! I wish this course had been available to us before we adopted!  It would have made a world of difference in our lives and the lives of our daughter's birth parents."

"It is so thoughtfully and lovingly written, with every part of the triad taken into account.  There is so much I read and lightbulbs were turning on."

"These questions are phenomenal! It’s like pre-marital counseling but for adoption! I love the heart and posture you guys take. It’s all so relevant! The ICPC section and the gentle language suggestions are spot on!"

"Six years ago when we started our adoption journey, we were uneducated and unprepared and all we wanted to do was love our daughter and her birth family well. When I found out about this incredible project, my husband and I both said how much we wished we would of had this type of education to have been equipped with the knowledge of how to support our daughter's birth family and help our daughter navigate this as she grew."

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