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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Leah Outten

Leah is  a mom, educator, English major and friend to many. She is a mom to 6 amazing children, 5 that she parents with her husband and 1 that she placed in an open adoption 16+ years ago. Because of her experience, she is passionate about helping others through the story God has given her family. Leah has worked with hundreds of hopeful adoptive families through the profile book process to prepare their hearts for a life-long adoption relationship. As a freelance writer she writes for several nationally known publications about adoption and motherhood. Leah also loves a fun coffee mug and having deep, meaningful conversations centered around Jesus!


Board Member

Haven Fogarty

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Board Member

Jessica Russo

Jessica Russo is the Donor Relationship Manager at Embrace Grace, Inc., a non-profit organization with the goal of inspiring and equipping the church to minister to single women facing an unplanned pregnancy and to single moms. 

She is also a public speaker and writer that passionately & transparently shares her journey of healing from the pain of abortion that she experienced as a teenager.  After beginning her healing & freedom journey in 2011 Jessica now loves helping people to break free from their guilt and shame and empowers them to use their story for God’s glory!

She resides in Ft. Worth, TX with her husband, Joe, and their four sons.

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Board President

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Board Member

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith from On Loan From Heaven is the proud wife to Joey and Mama to Hannah, Hunter, Michael, Abram, and their Sweet One in Heaven. Lindsay writes and speaks on the story God has written for their family through infertility, open adoption, relative adoption, miscarriage, parenting a child with special needs, and her experience as an adoption professional. She is an advocate for many things, but above all — for every Mama. Lindsay finds her joy in extending the same grace to others' as God has given to her. "From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace." John 1:16


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Adoptive Couple

"My husband and I recently completed Woven Together’s entire course.  It is incredibly well done, polished, and informative.  It provides hope, encouragement and conviction to hopeful adoptive couples/families.  Woven Together goes above-and-beyond in providing logistical information to help navigate the adoption process, as well as ensuring that hopeful adoptive couples/families are TRULY prepared for the joys, challenges and unknowns of the adoption journey for the entire triad.  While the details of each individual adoption story cannot be entirely laid out, Woven Together has compiled real-life scenarios from real-life experiences to help share wisdom, insight, hope and preparedness for all possibilities.  Mallory and Leah both do an excellent job of creating a course out of genuine love for all members of the triad to ensure that everyone is treated with the utmost dignity, respect and love that they deserve.  Leah and Mallory share their own heartfelt stories and experiences, along with interviewing and allowing others to share their journeys and expertise, which provide hopeful adoptive couples/families with different viewpoints that address hard topics, special circumstances, and powerful stories.  Overall, Woven Together has truly “woven together” an all-encompassing course that helps to equip and empower hopeful adoptive couples/families so that they can come to the adoption table ready to love completely through a solid foundation based on wisdom, trust, sacrifice, grace and hope!"