BIG NEWS!         

The heart of our mission within our education and healing program goals are not changing, but our name is!


It is with prayerful consideration we have decided to merge with Abiding Love Charities. We are so excited to spearhead change and support for adoption together.

You can now find Leah serving as a Post Adoption Advocate over there! If you have questions or need support, send her an email by clicking the envelope.


Serving The

Whole Triad

We are here to provide easily accessible, thoughtful adoption education and resources that are sensitive and supportive to all sides of the triad.

The Problem

Why Woven Together? We have seen a huge need for thoughtful and thorough education as we have conversations with families and organizations. Many are receiving little to no training from the adoption professionals and they thirst for deeper rooted education that goes beyond the norm.

We also see a lack of education in the pro-life community, and through our own personal experiences, feel this gap can be closed through better education and resources.  That is why we created Woven Together!

The Solution

We provide easily accessible and thoughtful adoption education and resources that are sensitive and supportive to all sides of the triad.

Through our programs, we encourage the adoption community, pro-life movement, faith community, and medical field to think beyond the norm of society and what they think they may know about adoption, and lean in and listen! Reform and change doesn't happen from the sidelines.

Changing the heart of adoption one conversation at a time!

Are you ready to make an Impact?


Remember --- Adoptees do grow up! And birth parents live with their decision every day. How we love them through their journey will make an impact. That lasts a lifetime and will effect generations to come! Adoption doesn't just touch those in the here and now.


We have seen how generations benefit from reframing our heart and mindsets surrounding adoption. Your donations will allow Woven Together to walk alongside families and individuals who need non-bias care and education!


We do not believe adoption is always the best choice and do support family preservation, but when it is the choice chosen our goal is to equip and support to do it well. Using Amazon Smile when you shop, will allow us to get donations + serve others more!

Meet the Founders

Mallory, partial adoptee

I am the owner of Arrow + Root, mama to a precious little boy and passionate about serving people walking through adoption. I created Woven Together with Leah after many clients asked us for more education. We saw the huge need for modern, ethical, and triad focused education so we created an online course that would meet this need!

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Mallory Fogas + Leah Outten

Leah, birth mom

As a birth mom of 16+ years in an incredible open adoption, I am passionate about helping others with the story God has given us to love the triad big and well. I have been involved in the pro-life and adoption community in a deeply personal way for several years, through experience, education, and writing. I have loved helping  hopeful adoptive families through the book process to prepare hearts for life-long adoption relationships.

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A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12, CSB

Our Approach

We aren’t afraid of the tough conversations, which leads to much of what we do here at Woven Together. It’s in those conversations that change can begin to happen! Through our courses and providing tangible ways to walk through adoption well, we equip families, others touched by adoption, and the pro-life community.

Much like the name Woven Together, we envision the pro-life and adoption communities to become separate threads that are stronger together. That takes reform, and we are here to be an educational resource for both the adoption and pro-life communities. We are here to help!

What Others Have to say 


Kathryn Russell

Adoption Professional

"As an adoption professional, I recommend this training to all of my clients. It is thorough, extremely well informed, and covers many hot topics in pre-placement education for adoptive families. Highly recommend!"