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We are so glad you're here!

We are so grateful that you are trusting us with this portion of your adoption journey! We know from the many clients that we have had the pleasure of serving along their adoption path just how emotional and exciting this time can be. As a birth mother and a partial adoptee, we understand deeply from our own perspectives. There is a lifetime of bittersweet, joyous heartache to celebrate and mourn all in one breath for all sides of the triad.

Why Woven Together?

Woven together is the ONLY faith-based, online course that covers modern adoption practices with ethics in mind, many voices to learn from, and tackling the heart issues surrounding adoption. We have seen a huge need for thoughtful and thorough education as we have conversations with families and organizations in the adoption community. As we speak with these individuals, we are learning they are receiving little to no training from the adoption professionals in their lives and they thirst for deeper rooted education that goes beyond the norm. That is why we created Woven Together!

Meet the Creators

Mallory Fogas + Leah Outten

A cord of three strands 

is not easily broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12, CSB

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"Our mission is to connect resources to help identify blind spots in the pro-life movement and unite passion and vision to provide comprehensive strategies that work to promote the value of all life, regardless of stage of development, race, age, gender, or ability."